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Buying an ergonomic chair is a good start but it must be combined with good posture to maximize benefits!

Ergonomic Seating

Seating position adds stress to the spine
leading to back problems. It is essential
to choose ergonomic seating that supports the
lower back and evokes good posture.

Backrest Height & Angle Adjustment

The backrest can be slided up and down to allow
the lumbar curve of the chair’s backrest fit into your
lower back (lorthotic) curve for comfort

Chair Mechanism

The mechanism controls how the seat and back
move. It includes controls that are typically
levers under the seat that the user can push,
pull, or twist to adjust the chair.

Lumbar Support

The best lumbar support offers both vertical and depth
adjustment. This is especially important if the user has
lower back issues, or if multiple people use the chair.
The most basic lumbar supports can be adjusted vertically to
raise and lower the chair back. A fixed depth lumbar is
acceptable if it fits you well.

Seat Depth adjustment

A proper seat depth setting allows the user to
sit all the way back by positioning the lumbar
curve of the seat to meet their curves for
better support.

Seat Height adjustment

Chairs with pneumatic height adjustment
allows us to adjust the seat height while
sitting, helping us to set height precisely
according to individual requirement .


Headrest provides support to your head and
reduces the weight exerted by it on your neck. If
you have neck issues, chairs with headrest are the
best choice.

Technically Speaking

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